Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March=birthday month=awesome

Happy Birthday to ME! I love birthdays-well I just love holidays and honestly who wouldn't enjoy celebrating themself? Anyway, so this month has been a nice change from Februrary and January.
        First-It turned to spring! We've had 70-80 degree weather most days, which means that not only is it nice and warm, but all the flowers and trees are blooming. SO gorgeous. I know it has only been a year since last spring, but I forgot how much I love this time of year in Virginia. People always ask me if I want to stay here in Virginia after I graduate and while I would like to be close to my family, I could see myself moving back here some day. I heart Virginia!
 Second- I got to go horseback riding! Woot woot. Ever since my traumatic experience with horses last summer- I haven't been too fond of them. (I was petting this nice horse when he literally blew snot all over me! It was the most disgusting thing in the world. AND it stained my shirt. JERK) So last week I got together with a girl in the ward who has a horse farm and we road horses. Hopefully throughout this summer I'll get proficient at horseback riding. How cool would that be? Answer: Extremely cool!

 Then came my birthday! Saturday I went out to dinner with the Stanleys (in the Bishopric). Then on my actual birthday the Bishop and his wife took me out to breakfast. Then I just had a regular day at work- I got to see some interesting patients, so that makes it a little better. When I got home Dustin was waiting for me with cupcakes and balloons and we went on a walk because it was absolutley GORGEOUS outside. When we came back my roommate had bought me some bubble cake cupcakes-yum! And then I opened some presents that my mom sent me. She is just so clever. I just have to point out that everything had to do with 24...wrapping paper, 24 pieces of gum (which there is normally only 14- so she shoved in some extra pieces), 24 starburst...etc. She is just so clever like that. All in all- I had a wonderful wonderful birthday! It's funny how on my birthday I should be thinking about me :) jk/sort of...but I really was just grateful for great friends and family who make me feel loved and appreciated.


Some of the funny messages I got:
- Sara-one of my good friends from BYU called to wish me a happy birthday, which she followed up with- you're turning the big 2-5 huh? The funny part is that she is my same age- and she knows that. We had a good laugh about that.
-Joe called to wish me happy birthday but added that he was surprised that I hadn't called to wish him a happy baptism day-since he was baptized the day I was born. Oh JOE! :) (Don't worry- I called him back to wish him happy baptism day)
- Kait called me 6 times and left me different happy birthday songs.
-Allie called me 4 days before my birthday...she knew it was 2 days from St. Patrick's day, but apparently she got a little confused.
-Jamie Dahl addressed my message to Dr. Betsy...She's done that before, but every time I hear that I think- holy cow! I'm gonna be a PA!!! Rediculous I know, but true.