Friday, June 3, 2011

on with the rest of my life...

It's only been a couple weeks since I got back from Hawaii, but there has been so much packed into the last couple are the highlights

  • First I was set apart on Sunday as the relief society president. I feel motivated and at peace with it. I’m happy to help out where I can. I feel like this is mostly for me though. I feel like I’m going to learn a ton and I also could use the extra motivation to step up my game. I was looking at the roll and there are 33 girls on the list, but I only know 13 of them. Of those 13 there are only a few that I see every week. Kind of sad right? I was reading a quote today about leadership and it said something like, a leader is a person who gets a group to do something that they wouldn’t normally be able to do. So my goal is that for whatever time I’m able to serve I would like to increase that number, or at least get some of those people that are on that list to become more active. So here we go!!!

  • This past week learned how to tie suturing knots. This whole year we have been learning important stuff, but it’s stuff like that that makes me realize that I’m actually going to be a PA. I’m not going to be a student forever…WEIRD! I only have 5 more months until I start rotations…really really weird!

  • I have some pretty amazing friends! One of my closer friends here is from my class- she actually used to sit by me. Anyway we've been talking for a while about all the fresh fruit here in Virginia and how delicious it is. We decided several months ago that we wanted to go to some of the 'pick your own' farms here and get a ton of fruit this summer. So we did it-Yesterday we went to a strawberry farm. It was pretty hot, so we didn't stay too long-just long enough to pick a bucket full. I felt so domestic-it was great. I was going to make some strawberry jam, but I decided to wait and make some peach jam when the peaches are in season.


I survived finals! I don't think I've ever been so relieved in my whole life.

The day I finished finals I flew to SLC. I spent a couple days with BJ and Becky and the kids…which was actually really fun. I had only planned to spend one day with them, but they asked me to stay and offered to pay for a bus ticket to Idaho Falls the following day…an offer I just couldn't refuse. I got to see Sara perform in her play and Josh play in his soccer game. They are such cute cute kids! Sara wrote me the cutest card that says, “ My ante is loveing and fun and I lik to play with her I love her.” How cute is that! I loved spending time with them.

After my adventures in Utah I spent the next week in Idaho Falls. It is always surprising to me how much of a home body I am. You would think since I moved across the country I would have outgrown that, but nope. I just love being home! There is just something about it that feels so right. Moral of the story is that it was a wonderful week.

Then…we went to Hawaii… So we flew out Friday afternoon and met up with Matt and Candace and Nate and Kelly in SLC. Then at LAX we met Joe and Naomi. From there we flew to Kauai. The traveling took pretty much the whole day.

The Condos were absolutely amazing. Our patio was right next to the pool which was extremely convenient especially after going to the beach and getting all sandy, we could just jump in the pool and be clean before we went inside.

Every night we either played games in groups or we had a big group activity. This was probably one of the highlights of the trip. Just to be all together and having fun. The only downside was that because of the time difference, but 9 pm we were all exhausted and could barely stay awake, but even with the shortened activities it was a great time.

Saturday, we drove to a nearby beach and attempted to hike but then we decided it it meant that we had to cross this passage of bright red water. It wasn't until after we watched Nate struggle to the other side that we decided it wasn't worth it. I love that Nate is usually the guinea pig in the family. What a good sport.

Sunday we went to church. Afterwards Becca and I walked down to the beach and saw a Monk Seal and just looked at the beautiful scenery. Man it was beautiful there.

Monday we spent a good portion of the morning at the beach boogy boarding and snorkeling. We came home and had lunch and then took off to go rope swinging. No one told me that in order to get to the rope swing you had to jump off this 20 foot waterfall. Oh man, it was one of those terrifying experiences that even when I was in the air I was thinking, I’m completely nuts. Usually you don’t have time to think things like that, but it was a long enough drop that I was actually thinking in the air. The rope swing was cool, but after both of those heart racing experiences I was ready to be done. Don't get me wrong, it was neat...but more of a once in a life time experience. I'm not much into the trying new things or trying scary things-life style. I'm more of a sure and steady type of gal so experiences like that aren't 'fun' for me, they're just exhausting. The only reason i do them is because of peer pressure (not so much the words but I didn't want to be the lone soul on the other side of the pond)

Tuesday we went on this ‘easy’ hike that turned out to be not so easy. Technically it was an easy hike, but in the middle of a boiling hot day, makes an easy hike turn into a very different experience.It took us 3 hours and by the end I was so done with hiking. The beach that we hiked to was pretty, but to be honest, it looked just as neat as the beach that was at the beginning of the hike. Mostly I like these kind of experiences cause it gives you tons of time to talk to people.

Wednesday I just kind of lounged at the pool and I read part of Harry Potter. It was nice to just be able to have a down day.

Thursday we went to the beach and did some more snorkeling. I am just flabbergasted at how many different types of fish there are. And I don’t understand why they are so colorful. Don’t get me wrong, they are absolutely beautiful, but why would evolution lead them to neon. Wouldn’t that make them easier targets…I don’t know, but they sure are beautiful. (That was kind of nerdy comment. I just want to was a nerdy comment, I am not a nerdy person however.)

Friday we went Kayaking and we went to Secret Falls. Kayaking was a fun experience with mom and myself in the same kayak. We accidently cut off a ton of people and ran into a bunch more, but no worries. We kayaked to this swimming area where you could jump off the rocks. It was nothing like jumping off the waterfall on Monday, but it was still a jump. It was a classic family moment when Nate and Joe were having this little competition about who could do the more dangerous thing. So Joe dove in and Nate jumped from a higher ledge- it was decided that they were both winners. I just loved watching all the brothers interact and have fun. On the way back there was a bunch of splashing and good sibling bonding. The bad news in all of that is that I usually lose, which was the case here.

Saturday we had to pack up but before we officially left the island we went ziplinging. It sounds like it would have been scary, but it wasn’t especially compared to all the other things we did during the week. It was beautiful though and it was fun to be able to say that I ziplined for 1200 feet.

The flight back to the mainland was rough…it was through the night, which of course meant that I didn’t sleep very well at all…and then it was pretty much an all day adventure for me. I went to LAX, SLC, Chicago which is where my flight was canceled so I spent the night with Nate and Kelly. After a whole 24 hours of traveling I finally made it back safe and sound to Roanoke...phew.