Monday, April 30, 2012


Here are the highlights from my month:
  •  Disaster day: My school put on this disaster day so that we could practice our Emergency medicine skills. I was supposed to be a disaster victim, but when I got there bright and early, they said they needed me as a PA-grrr. So I took pictures while I waited an extra hour (that I could have been sleeping). I should have gotten in the picture, but I wasn't dressed up all cool. 

  • Conference Weekend: I went down to North Carolina to visit Nate and Kelly. I was reminded of several things- first, I love love love my family. second- I love love love the church. More than anything it was a good reminder of why I'm doing what I'm doing with my life and why I should keep going. All in all- great weekend.

 Above: you can definitely tell I'm their favorite aunt! They look so excited to be with me. As Ruby is trying to get away and lyla looks like I'm pinching her. :) Don't worry though- I really am their favorite aunt.
 Above: I loved this picture of Kelly and Lyla listening to conference.
Right: This is Nate 'pondering' on what the apostles were saying. :) He must have learned it from dad...haha.
 Then one of my friends -caroline dropped off some flowers at my house. It was completely random and it totally made my day.
 So Dustin is like my new BFF (not really but sorta). He goes on walks with me- if you didn't know this about me, walks are one of my favorite things to do. BUT I hate going on walks by he humors me and we walk and talk and it's just a blast. We decided to go to a concert in the park- in down town roanoke. Brace was pretty intense. :)

Below: yup...all of 4 people listening to this band. Haha. Oh how I love roanoke. And the band...was interesting. I don't know if you can see the lady in the middle- she is wearing a totoo :) and playing a washboard. Not really my style of music, but it was fun to experience something different.

 Lastly- I found out that Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital (where I worked this past month) was ranked in the top 25 most beautiful hospitals in the US. I don't really know what they were judging...the outside or inside but I guess that is there one claim to fame. The background is gorgeous and the hospital entrance leads right into a greenbelt walkway around the river. It truly is gorgeous which is why I jog there when I get the chance. Way to go Carilion.