Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Fall....

My July rotation was Psychiatry. It turned out to be a great month. I realized that my problems are so very small compared to all the trials that other people go through. It also made me EXTREMELY grateful that I have never gotten into drugs. Almost every one of the psych patients had a drug problem. I had a great team to work with. (Dr. Kavuru, Dr. Jen, Dr. Jon, Jacob B-PAS)

Just before I left to go out to Utah I threw a bridal shower for a girl in the ward. I thought I did an impressive job considering how much time I had to plan it and the limited budget that I had. I also thought I did a classy job considering she wanted the theme to be lingerie (which is awkward if you ask me). I decided on a 'bed and breakfast' theme. So we had breakfast- eggs, muffins, & fruit at the creamers house. They have a nice screened in patio. It was the perfect temperature and seemed just the right amount of elegant, but not too fancy. I was so proud of myself that I pulled it off. You know how sometimes you imagine things and they turn out NOTHING like how you envisioned it...I was afraid that would happen but it didn't. Woot!

This rotation was in cardiology. It turned out to be trickier than I thought because I had to be in a different location every day and since I didn't have a proved to be hassle, BUT it all worked out fine. I'm so glad I did a second rotation in cardiology- I feel like I understand things so much better now. And I think I got some good contacts as least that's what I'm hoping.
 I planned to do this rotation in August because I had several family reunions that I wanted to be home for. This was probably one of the best reunions we've had in a while. By that I mean, all the other ones have been fun, but I just felt like this one ran the smoothest. I felt like no one felt over burdened and we just had a fun time being together. I only took a few this is not an appropriate representation of the week, but I thought I'd share what I had. (Obviously we are swimming- at 7 peaks)

This month was dermatology up in Logan, Utah with Don and Barb. Besides being a fantastic learning experience it was tons of fun. Probably the best part of the rotation was realizing how much I want to work in a small(er) city where I get to know the patients really well.

I had an absolute blast hanging out with Barb and Don. It was fun to jump into their world for a month and see how fabulous they really are. Aunt Barb was nice playing with me...She would go on walks with me, play duets with me, etc. We went to a play (west side story), we went to the Brigham City Temple open house, and we went out to dinner a ton. 
Mom, Dad and Becca came up for the BYU vs. Utah football game. We had a 'tailgate' BBQ in Barb and Don's bedroom-that's where the flat screen tv was. Too bad BYU offense was TERRIBLE! It ended up being a close game which was fun/only minorly painful to watch till the very end. Aunt Barb is also in to football, so on the weekends we would watch the BYU/USU games. I was shocked that she knew more about football than I did. They kept talking about BYU's quarterback-Riley Nelson, who happened to grow up just down the street from them. So the whole month they talked about how amazing he was, as a football player, but also as a person. By the end I was convinced that I could totally date him :)

We also went to get our nails done and hair cut. More than anything it was just fun to be around Mom and Dad and Barb and Don- they are a fun combination.  

 One more exciting part of the month-is that I learned how to drive a stick. Not that it was by choice, but it turned out better than I thought it would. I only stalled a handful of times, and I didn't ever hit anyone- success. Every day on my route home, there was this giant hill where they were doing construction. Inevitably they would have me stop on the hill, so I would have to rev the engine so that I wouldn't roll into the car behind me. I'm sure all the construction workers were thinking- is she trying to show off her car or what??? The only problem is- that the car I was driving is a total creeper truck...Anyway, so whenever I revved the engine, they'd all look and I would just wave thinking to myself  'don't hit the car behind me, don't hit the car behind me, don't hit the car behind me.' 

 The first weekend I was there, Lindsey Crandall came up. I just love her! We chatted and watched the USU vs. Utah (which USU surprisingly won) and we went on a hike.It was fun to be with her and catch up, although it did make me sad that she is getting married and moving to Oklahoma (hopefully not forever though).

It was also my Mom's birthday at the end of the month. I was able to be home and hang out with her for the day. It was a blast being with my mom. She is such an excellent woman and friend- I'm grateful to have her in my life. I had SO much fun being home, it made me SUPER excited to be much much closer in just a couple of months.