Sunday, November 27, 2011

Me and Stanley

So this picture looks a little funny, but here are the people I've been working with for the past month. (Dr. Hinton, Angie, Karen). I'm crossing my fingers that tomorrow I'm going to be able to deliver a baby on my own.

My friend Lori has a nephew that is doing a class project about flat Stanley. She asked if I would go on a vacation with here's my picture with flat Stanley just before I went into surgery. Funny story real fast...So during one of the surgeries one of the nurses looked at me and you use latisse or something because you have super long eye lashes. I actually had no idea who she was talking to so I didn't respond and then she said...I guess you don't and we don't like people who have naturally long eyelashes. At that point I clued into the conversation and gave the polite chuckle.  I thought it was a nice thought though...but now the nurses hate me...not a good thing. ;)

 So about 5 miles from my apartment in Blountville (pronounced bluntvol) is the Bristol Motor Speedway...ya know, where they have all those race car races-thingy. I don't know...but I had to find something cool for flat Stanley. :)

I have the best family and friends! I really do! On Friday I got this package from my friend Beth because she knew I would alone on Thanksgiving.By the way- it was delicious! How nice is that? Seriously! I don't think I could find better friends or family.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

oh Baby!

First day of my first rotation- Opening Scene: (Dr. Jeff Hinton- OB/Gyn). He comes in quoting the Lord’s prayer in Latin and he introduces himself and then says, are you catholic? Obviously I said no and then he went on to explain that he wants to memorize the prayer in latin and greek. Before we even go into a room he says, oh I have to show you this youtube video...

 Oh man- he quotes that all day! Seriously...he'll say 'yeah, yeah???' in that go voice all the time. It was annoying after a while and now its just funny because it's so annoying (if that makes any sense.) Clearly he is a pretty chill Dr which is nice for my first rotation.

He also quotes this all the time too... "very very heavy bertation" And just FYI she wasn't having a stoke, just an atypical migraine.

So we finally go into our first room and almost immediately he says to the patient, 'you should name your child Malachi.' The lady gives him a weird look and then he says,'oh I think that is a book in the mormon bible or something.' He then turns to the pt and asks if she is mormon and then to me and asks if I’m mormon. When I respond in the affirmative he says, Oh I’m going to have so much fun picking on you this month. (First I'm thinking- I'm pretty sure that Malachi is in the REGULAR bible and then I'm thinking...oh we go)Then he starts talking about our ‘special’ underwear. At first I was a little nervous that he was going to get into all that stuff, but he didn’t really- Phew! It looks like I’m going to have to brush up not only on my OB knowledge but also my missionary-skills as well. 
                Since then he hasn't really brought up the church that much. He'll make little remarks about the church now and again and I'll roll my eyes or say, 'oh please'.
               I've seen quite a few patients since then..tons and tons of prenatal visits, pap smears, and tubal ligations. I've seen a few deliveries, but my favorite have been the C-sections. SO cool! Probably the most surprising thing is how blue the baby is when they come out. I was also surprised that I'm not 100% averted to having children in the very distant future.
                Overall the rotation has been a good experience. I've really enjoyed the people I've been working with (Dr. Hinton and his nurse Angie). Everyone is so nice and willing to let me learn (even the patients). Last week the nurse came up to me and said, why don't you just stay and work here. You're just so nice I just really think you should stay. Not to be cocky or anything, but I do think I'm a nice person, but I've been praying this past month that I could be a good missionary and nothing has happened. I'm just waiting patiently for them to bring up the church...but nada.
               Today in church they were talking about the power of kindness and how you have no idea what doors you're opening with your kind deeds and that made me think of these missionary experiences. Perhaps my kindness is a missionary tool.
                Living with Zach is going well. He is actually really clean and respectful. When I was talking about how I felt bad that he has the much smaller room he said, if my wife were in this situation I’d want her to have the larger room that was connected to the bathroom, so I’m glad you have it. I was really impressed when he said that. It’s nice to be reminded that there are decent guys still out there. It was weird however to have beer in the refrigerator.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This past weekend I went down to Raleigh to spend some time with Nate and Kelly and their kids- and I just have to say, what a great family! We partied it up and just had a great weekend.
  • funniest part of the weekend: I bent down to give Lyla a hug goodnight and she looked right at my face and pointed right to a pimple and said, what is that???? (I didn't think it was that noticeable, but apparently it was)
  • Scariest part: We watched Hide and Seek...creepy movie. Charlie...Charlie!!!! And of course Nate kept turning off the lights and freaking me and Kelly out. 
  • Best part: During church Ruby was sitting on Nate's lap and she totally reached out cause she wanted me to hold her....translation: Lizzy is officially the favorite Aunt. YES!!!

These are just some pictures of people in my ward. (Darcie, Dustin, Amanda)
 (Bishop Petersen-standing, Brother and Sister Steen)
 Sister Petersen, Emily and her 2 kids Lizzy and John