Sunday, November 4, 2012

Done done done!

I started my ER rotation this month.  I’m working with Ashley Amos in the Rocky Mount ED and it was a wonderful month.  This was a great final rotation, because it brings together everything I’ve learned and she gave me quite a bit of latitude.Beyond that I got to do a fair amount of procedures- abscess drainage, laceration exploration, and suturing. Woot woot. 
Some cool experiences.....

There was one patient, an older gentleman  who  fell and cut his forehead  which needed stitches. He was a retired preacher in Rocky Mount. He and his wife were so nice. We chatted for a while about religion and being mormon.  When I was cleaning up everything he was so nice and said that when I went back home I would find a nice mormon boy and get married.  I don’t know why it was so flattering, but it was. They also gave me hugs before they left. Haha.
Oh and some 40 yo  opiate and alcohol addict came in to be medically cleared to start rehab.  While I was examining him he looked at me and told me how beautiful I was. Too bad he was totally high, but even still…it was nice. :) thank you drunk, high man! 
And now I'm DONE! I can't believe it. I only have another month of school and then I'll be a full blown PA. Holla!
I'm definitely going to miss this BEAUTIFUL place! This is the view I get when I go on my runs in the morning.  Jealous???


Troubles with Max

So good ol’ Max had some rough times this month.  
        Starting about a year ago my starter occasionally stops working. It only has happened a handful of times since then, and because I’m a really poor student- I figure that I’ll push it till the VERY end.  During one of those instances- there were a couple of safe and knowledgable looking guys near my car so I asked them if they knew where my starter was located.  I definitely hit the jackpot because one of them knew exactly where it was- he tapped on it…and max started right up. He then showed me right where it was. Ever since then, whenever max won’t start, I know exactly where to tap in order to get him started again.
Well this week…he threw some tantrums -nothing out of the normal, it just so happened that it was at night- and the batteries in my flashlight were out. (I’ve since replaced them). The evening started something like this…I had just finished my 10 hour shift in the ED and was exhausted. My visiting teachee had called and said I could come over, which is a BIG deal (cause no one is ever home and no one EVER calls me back). So I visit taught her and when I came out my car, Max wouldn’t turn over. It was dark outside, but there happened to be a lamppost nearby, so I could see just fine.  Anyway, I tapped the starter and I went on my merry way.
Usually once it happens I’m good for a least the next month, so I was EXTREMELY surprised that when I stopped at the gas station on my way home and he didn't start AGAIN! It was about 9:30 at night and I have no idea why everyone decided to get gas then, but there were cars lined up everywhere to get gas. Of course, right! So I grumble to myself, pop the hood and it just so happens that the way I’m parked blocks all the overhead lighting. So I can’t see anything under the hood. UGH! I get my crowbar out and I start tapping/hitting things in the general vicinity of the starter hoping that out of shear luck I'll hit it. Since my hood doesn’t have one of those sticks to hold itself up and the suspension is out- I have to hold up the hood myself. That usually means that I use one hand to hold the crowbar, one hand for balance and I use my head to prop the hood up (which is pretty heavy-fyi). Anyway, so I put the hood back down and try to start the car- nada! So I do this several times and one of the cars in line (for another pump) is a girl and she leans her head out and asks if I need help. Thinking that I’m going to get it any second I tell her not to worry about it.
After another few times- I started to get frustrated. It has never taken me this long and the pressure is on, since there are all these cars not only watching this crazy girl randomly banging under her hood, but they’re waiting for me to move so they can get gas. Eventually some guy comes over and asks if I need help. I asked if he knew where a starter would be. He just gave me a blank stare- so I had him hold the hood. Finally the guy behind me got out of his car and said- ‘oh, will your car not start?’ SERIOUSLY! You’ve been watching me for the past 10 minutes repeatedly lifting my hood and I’m still parked here after I’ve finished gassing up…It’s a pretty safe bet that my car won’t start! Of course I keep my comments to myself and I smile and say –nope. I forgave him because he had a flashlight that I could use.
Right after he gave me the flash light he followed me to the front of the car, where the other nice gentleman was holding the hood up. They both were looking pretty skeptical of me (holding a flashlight in one hand and a crowbar in the other hand and me in my nice work clothes and scarf). I can almost guarantee that they thought I was crazy, so it was especially vindicating that I spotted the starter right away and tapped it and vuala –Max started. They literally both just stared at me for a while and shook their heads in unison and one of them said-‘I didn’t know you could do that.’
I felt like the ultimate man, but woman! I just wanted to flex and do that manly growling thing-ya know? I didn’t of course, cause that would have been REALLY embarrassing.
Since then he’s been great and we haven’t had any problems. Max I still love you! I'm just so grateful to have a functional car!