Sunday, February 12, 2012

Songs of my life

I don't know if anyone else is like me but I get stuck on a song for a couple of months. What I mean by that is when I find a song I really really like, I replay it over and over again for a couple of months. My poor poor roommates!
Anyway, so here are some of my top songs....

1. R. Kelly's 'World's Greatest': Freshman year of College...everyone on my hall got to enjoy this one with me. :) I was also really into the song 'you're beautiful'...but his voice...yeah, it got a bit annoying so I didn't want to put that one up.
2. Jesse Mccartney 'Beautiful Soul': Sophmore year. I also really got into the N'Syn christmas CD that year.

3. Matt Nathanson 'Come on get higher': Summer semester 2009- Tara
4. Bruno Mars ' 'Just the way you are': Fall 2010
5. Beyonce 'If I were a boy: Fall 2011
6. Sugarland 'Stuck like glue' : Fall 2011- Mostly because of the Sing off- Pentatonix sang it and then I watched the music video and I just loved it.

7. Currently I'm stuck on a couple of songs. I have the sheet music for the Rascall Flat's song 'Bless the Broken Road' so that is always in my head because I play it on the piano. The other one that i really like is Gavin DeGraw 'Not over you'. Don't worry there isn't a deeper meaning or reason- I just like it.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January and renewed desire to floss

          January rolled around and I got to start a new rotation-my second primary care at Roanoke Family Carillion Clinic. It was this nice large office that was mostly run by residents. There were 40 doctors/residents on staff…which is kind of a lot. My schedule had me with a new person every 4 hours. It wasn’t until the end of the 2nd week that I had repeats. So basically, every day was a first day. AWEFUL!  I hadn’t realized how important personal relationships are until this rotation when I had none. I was literally having to introduce myself constantly and I just felt like I had no connections. But then by the 3rd week I started to get to know some of the attending and they would say hi and I can’t even tell you why, but after that I just felt so much better about the whole thing. 
 I also got to go to the Virginia Tech vs. BYU basketball game. Now, I'm not really into basketball, mostly cause I never really watched a game...but it was pretty exciting. I particularly enjoyed the fact that we were completely surrounded by Tech fans and so when we would cheer, it would pretty much be just us cheering, but who doesn't love standing out/being the center of attention- honestly :). To top it all off..we won!!! Go Cougars!


(Me, Hanh, Amanda, Grace)
Lastly, I used to like dentists...until yesterday. I had no complaints and I just went in for a cleaning and then they start telling me all the things that are wrong with my teeth.  I went in and they did a complete mouth xray thing (which took forever). I’m used to the 4 xrays, but no…18 xrays later- Ugh…anyway, after the hygienist looked at it she started asking about my front bottom tooth. She eventually just came out with it and said, well it looks like you have an abscessed tooth and that you’re going to need a root canal. Say WHAT??? I’m 23 years old, why would I need a root canal? So a year ago I had a couple days of super bad tooth pain. It hurt SOOO bad, but then it went away and I thought, I must have irritated the nerve and whatever. But apparently that was my nerve dying.
At the office I was acting all fine, but as soon as I walked out I called mom and I just started crying. It sounds ridiculous, but I was really upset that I had 'bad/dead teeth'. I know they are just teeth- but to have one that died…that just sounds so sad doesn't it? It was one of those moments where I would cry and then be fine and then I would start crying again, but meanwhile I’m thinking- this is ridiculous, I know I shouldn’t be crying.
From this I learned a couple of things...first- I don't like dentists. And second- I have a renewed desire to floss my teeth daily. I'm pretty good about brushing my teeth, but they effectively scared me into flossing more often. Job well done dentist- but I hope you know that doesn't mean we're friends!


           In December I had my first primary care rotation. It was here in town at an Urgent Care with Ken Anderson. It was an awesome experience, but it didn’t start off that way. On my first day I locked my keys in my car. How embarrassing is that? I’ve never done that before. What made matters worse was that my cell phone and wallet were also locked in the car. So I had to walk back in and tell them that I had locked my keys in my car. The nurse was super nice and called her husband (a cop) and ask if he could unlock my car. He couldn’t because too many people had their cars ruined that way. So I had to look up my roommates’s phone number on, but it was the wrong number so I had to call her mom. Awkward!
A couple of minutes after I got off the phone I realized that I had worn my heavy coat into the office and low and behold- my keys were in my jacket. I was even more embarrassed to have to call Laurice’s mom and tell her that I didn’t need her to come and open my car. And of course the only phone that I could use was the one right where everyone was standing so everyone heard that I had lost my keys…. in my jacket. By the end of the day I had forgotten about it until a nurse from the other side of the office came up to me and said- oh I’m so glad you found your keys. Thanks SO much for reminding me that I’m a dork- and informing me that the ENTIRE office of 30 people knows that I’m a dork. Don't worry though- the month ended really well.   (picture: Dr. Tims, Allison-lab tech, Cindy- RN, Ken-PA; we're standing in front of the urgent care hall way. We had 4 rooms plus a treatment room for suturing etc.)
                Earlier in the month I was feeling sad that my roommate and I hadn’t put up any decorations. Don’t get me wrong, I had put up lights in my room in November, but we didn’t have anything else in the whole apartment. I remembered seeing a Christmas tree at the church in the priesthood closet and I knew that no one was going to use it so I went to church one day and took the tree. To clarify, I didn’t steal it, I just borrowed it and to be honest, I’m so glad I did. I had no idea what a difference having a tree made. Every morning I would turn on the lights and read my scriptures or study by the tree…I just loved it. That to me is Christmas. And you just add a little Kenny G and you are set. Mom and becca also sent me a package- a stocking filled with the 12 days of Christmas. It reminded me of all the times that I had help put those together for the missionaries and I always thought they were really corny, but I really enjoyed it. I found myself looking forward to opening a little something every night. It also made me look forward to next year when I can actually be home for Christmas.
For Christmas I went down to Nate and Kelly’s house. It was SO nice being around family and it has been especially nice to be around Nate and Kelly.