Monday, January 7, 2013

The Holidays in Utah

 Just to clarify this picture- my nieces and nephews LOVE me. Caleb was just feeling a little sick and wasn't happy with anyone that night. 
The Bagley Family Reunion was SO fun, except for a few moments of awkwardness. Besides that though, it was fun to see everyone and catch up.

 The Bagley Gals & Grandpa
 Christmas fun included cooking, and games, and caroling and hallmark movies. How can it get better than that? We had Sue and Rick over for Christmas dinner and a neighbor over for Christmas Eve. The whole month before Christmas, whenever I would hear the song 'I'll be Home for Christmas' I got so excited because I actually was home for the holidays!!!!

 Skiing at Sundance with Mom, Dad, Matt, Lauren, Gabe, Max and Zach. Best comments of the day...
Max: Grandpa- you still use polls??? (with the tone and look that said- that was totally last year!)
Gabe: We're going to go on the Blue squares. I don't know if you can come though because they're kind of hard.  

 Tubing at Soldier Hollow


 I don't know if you can tell but Bj is holding to sleeping kids and Luke is eating snow that we had been walking on all morning- awesome!


  1. I cannot believe how old your sister is! Haha, I guess in my mind she is still just a little kindergartener. Congrats again on becoming a PA that is so amazing and I'm glad to see you were able to visit with your family for your graduation.

  2. I love all the pictures. Wow, you look like you had such a fun Christmas break!